New Moon ritual | Taurus


In astronomy, the new moon represents a new beginning. As it is the first stage of a lunar cycle many people use this fresh start to set goals, work on ideas and new projects.

So why do a ritual? Well, it is best explained as using an existing energy to supercharge your wants and desires. So think of it as a cosmic shopping list, where you get to share all of your big hopes and dreams that you may be too shy to share with anyone else. Perhaps because in the back of your mind you think, "who am I to ask for such things?". Who are you not to? Your desires are unique to you, just like your fingerprint. Think of it this way, the more comfortable you get with expressing what it is that you want, the easier it will be to spot it when it shows up. Then you can be ready to receive what is meant for you with an open heart.

This months new moon is in the zodiac sign of Taurus. A quietly determined sign, Taurus also governs abundance, action and the home. Quite fitting, given the circumstances! The crystals associated with this sign are malachite, rose quartz or jade. I quite like using citrine as it is a crystal associated with prosperity and abundance.

How can I get in on this action?

Glad you asked. The energy of the new moon can be harnessed in a variety of ways; journalling, sitting in quiet contemplation, lighting a candle or some incense or having a sea salt bath to cleanse your body. You might already be bang on the esoteric and have an alter set up where you keep your crystals, sage and pictures that hold meaning for you. There are no limits. You can do any or all of the above.

How to do a new moon ritual:

  1. Find a quiet place to be still
  2. If you have a crystal to hand, you can choose one of the above, or one that you are drawn to. Or, if you don't have one, you can sit where you can see the moon or near a window and use something that represents abundance to you.
  3. Hold the crystal/ item in your hand and think about what you would like more of, or a particular goal you'd like to achieve.
  4. As you think about what you are asking to receive, feel how it would feel to have what you are asking for and how thankful you are to have it.
  5. You may feel some emotions rising up, that is ok. Acknowledge them, and let them pass over you.
  6. Hold the image in your mind, of you getting what you have asked for and make it as vivid and detailed as possibly can.
  7. Write your desires down in as much detail as possible in the present tense. Remember, studies show that the brain will start to seek out opportunities that resonate with your list. I would suggest starting a manifesting journal, where you can hold the space to call into your life your biggest and brightest dreams, goals and aspirations.
  8. You can either put them under your pillow, burn them, or put them aside to reflect on next month.
  9. Surrender them to the divine and trust that your intentions will come to you easily.

Sit. Get clear. Go for it.

Manifesting is no longer the sole domain of those society deems as alternative. It has gone mainstream, everyones doing it - from top athletes to millenials. I'll let you in on a little insider tip; you brain cannot tell the difference between you visualising winning a race and actually winning on race day. The chemical response in the brain is the same. The feeling of winning remains. So if we apply that logic to everyday life, the only one slowing down your best life showing up is you.

Set a goal that you have been mulling over. Get it down on paper. Look at it in black and white. Imagine this goal or desire coming to fruition. Notice how it makes you feel. What small step can you take to shift things in a positive direction?

Let me know how you get on @embracebodyskincare, and if you found this useful. Also, don't worry if you weren't able to do this tonight, you can still feel the effects of the moon up to 4 days after.


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