What are the body blends?

    Body blends are chakra inspired luxury plant-based skin moisturisers designed to be used on the body. They are made in London using the highest grade essential oils and butters in each one. Each blend is named after each of the 7 chakras and is easily recognised by the corresponding colour.


    Can I still buy one if I'm not into chakras and crystals?

    Of course you can! Not only are they chakra balancing and smell amazing, they work wonders on dry skin.


    How are they linked to the chakras?

    Each body blend is made with theraputic grade essential oils which resonate with a particular chakra.

    Are the blends organic?

    The blends are made with organic and unrefined shea butter and cocoa butter, which means that both of these contribute to the earthy, chocolatey aroma that can be found in each blend. Each jar contains only natural ingredients and all are a minimum of 80% organic.


    Why glass jars?

    Glass is easy to recycle and the amber colour helps to proctect the blend inside from powerful UV rays.


    Can I return the jar for a discount?

    Yes you can! We are currently working on an easy way for this to be done. So sign up to the newsletter and be in the know. Every jar you return means a discount off your order! Winning!

    Do you do gift cards?

    Yes we do! Just click here.


    Can I check the balance?

    Unfortunately, you are not able to. However, send over an email with your order details and we will get back to you.


    Can the postal packaging be recycled?

    Yes! All of it can! Even the void fill is biodegradeable, so when you hold it under the tap, and give it a little rub, it completely disintegrates. We are constantly looking at ways we can make all of our packaging more eco-friendly.